Country of Focus-China

  1. This is the National Flag of the People’s Republic of China. It consists of 4 small yellow stars on the right-hand side of the big 5-pointed star.

2. China is on the continent, Asia, as the 2nd largest country, after Russia, with an area of 9.597 million km².

3. The capital city of China is Beijing, the 2nd largest city, following Shanghai. It is 16,410 square km and is home to more than 21.5 million people, the most populated Capital City in the world! Combining both modern and traditional style architectures, Beijing is one of the oldest cities in the world. It has seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites—the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, Ming Tombs, Zhoukoudian, and parts of the Great Wall and the Grand Canal—all of which are very popular tourist locations.

4. China is part of the Northern Hemisphere (East Asia), and doesn’t cross between the two hemisphere’s either.

4. China is home to more than 1,444,216,107 are living there currently, making it the most populated country in the world!

5. The official language of China is Mandarin. More than 70% of the Chinese population speaks Mandarin, but there are also several other major dialects in use in China: Yue (Cantonese), Xiang (Humaneness), Min dialect, Gan dialect, Wu dialect, and Kejia or Hakka dialect. This means there is only one official language of China.

6. China’s currency is called the yuan or renminbi. The terms have slightly different usages. Renminbi means “People’s currency” and describes Chinese currency in general. Usually by the English, it is described as yuan.


7. China trades major needs to Australia, and vice versa. Wines, toys, food and so much more is relied by importation between these two countries. Recently, some controversy has taken place, and these two neighbouring countries have put a halt on the imports.

8. In 2010 a 2,400-year-old pot of soup was unearthed in Xi’an, China!The liquid and bones were in a sealed bronze cooking vessel dug up near the ancient capital of Xian – home to the country’s famed terracotta warriors. Tests are being carried out to identify the ingredients, an odourless liquid, believed to be wine, was also found. “It’s the first discovery of bone soup in Chinese archaeological history,” the newspaper quoted Liu Daiyun of the Shaanxi Provincial Institute of Archaeology as saying. “The discovery will play an important role in studying the eating habits and culture of the Warring States Period (475-221BC).”

9.    1. Japan to the East

2. Russia to the North

3. Pakistan to the West

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